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(Bill Hall) #1

Howdy- This one should be easy, but haven’t found the trick:

How do I make it so If a user clicks on a button or link, a PDF is downloaded instead of displayed in a window? All my links display the PDF in the browser window.

RW 8.x with latest stacks


(Jason Bostick) #2

I don’t have first-hand experience with it, but according to this you can set a download attribute in your links:

It wouldn’t work on iOS but it seems like it is good for most new browsers:

(Matthias Ficht) #3

What about “True Download 2” by Doobox?

(chuck berhain) #4

You can always make a zip file of the .PDF for download.
But whether it’s opened or not in a window may depend on the browser set-up.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

I’ve always used the Zip approach. Simple. Place on your server with FTP app, or using @instacks Repository stack. I’ve never had any problems with students downloading on computers (both Win and Mac). I have no idea about iOs.

The nice thing about FTP is you can zip one file or a folder of files. Same approach works in either case.

There are more sophisticated things you can do, but this approach is simple, fast, and effective.

(Bill Hall) #6

Hey Everyone and thank you for the help.

My Bad! I totally forgot to reference that I searched and found the solutions such as DooBox, zip, and javascript/html5.

My DOUBLE bad! I previously looked at an old link to TrueDownload and saw it was no longer supported. BUT this thread inspired me to go directly to DooBox;s home and double check… Whadyaknow!.. there’s a TrueDownload 2. I’ll that a go.

Also, I tried the javascript and the update html5 but wasn’t able to get it to work within RW’s link dialog box (probably user error). Finally, wish I could link to Zip files but my customers are execs inside Fortune 500 companies and these days zips are pretty much blocked for security purposes. Bummer.

Thanks everyone!

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