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Howdy- This one should be easy, but haven’t found the trick:

How do I make it so If a user clicks on a button or link, a PDF is downloaded instead of displayed in a window? All my links display the PDF in the browser window.

RW 8.x with latest stacks


I don’t have first-hand experience with it, but according to this you can set a download attribute in your links:

It wouldn’t work on iOS but it seems like it is good for most new browsers:

What about “True Download 2” by Doobox?


You can always make a zip file of the .PDF for download.
But whether it’s opened or not in a window may depend on the browser set-up.


I’ve always used the Zip approach. Simple. Place on your server with FTP app, or using @instacks Repository stack. I’ve never had any problems with students downloading on computers (both Win and Mac). I have no idea about iOs.

The nice thing about FTP is you can zip one file or a folder of files. Same approach works in either case.

There are more sophisticated things you can do, but this approach is simple, fast, and effective.


Hey Everyone and thank you for the help.

My Bad! I totally forgot to reference that I searched and found the solutions such as DooBox, zip, and javascript/html5.

My DOUBLE bad! I previously looked at an old link to TrueDownload and saw it was no longer supported. BUT this thread inspired me to go directly to DooBox;s home and double check… Whadyaknow!.. there’s a TrueDownload 2. I’ll that a go.

Also, I tried the javascript and the update html5 but wasn’t able to get it to work within RW’s link dialog box (probably user error). Finally, wish I could link to Zip files but my customers are execs inside Fortune 500 companies and these days zips are pretty much blocked for security purposes. Bummer.

Thanks everyone!

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