Clickable Square Stack?

I’m getting nuts trying to have a welcome page which has 6 tiles on it, all square, all the same height and width, with a background, a picture and a text on it that can be clickable.
Mainly it would be used for menus, the same way Windows 8 actually did work.
But I can’t find anything,
I tried GoGrid, SectionBox, PureGrid. ResponsiveGrids, AdaptiveGrid, ImageCard…
None of them have the same height no matter how much text I put inside.
Almost none of them are then clickable.
I tried using Single Columns in other grids, etc…

Is there any stack that offers a container in which one can put other stacks and that allows clicking on its entire area?
I need a 2 columns x 3 rows grid (when not changed by responsive design)

Thanks for any help. It drives me crazy.


You made my day…
Thanks x 1000

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