Square shape with photos in grid opens to full image

I’m sure I should know how to do this but I can’t remember. Too many stacks floating around in my brain lol.

I want to use a grid (I usually use Adaptive Grid @willwood ) to make equal square shapes with photos in them. Then when you click on each image, the image opens to full size: ie different shaped images. I already have the lightbox going… using the new Blog Poster Stack from @instacks (thank you!)

I want this in a grid:

which, for example, opens to this full image:

Sorry, no link yet, rebuilding my Blog with the new Blog Poster Stack :slight_smile:


Hi Lisa,

I think this is a feature request for me :slight_smile:

Here are the options I see:

  1. I add this functionality directly to Poster Stack, including a small image stack handling these thumbnail generations for you. No ETA on that. But I think this would be a great addition.

  2. If you have another Photo Lightbox Stack doing that already (like Gallery Stack), try to use it directly inside Poster Items (at least until it is built in).



Sounds good and thank you for the quick response. Just getting started with Poster Stack but it looks great so far :slight_smile:


@LSPhoto AdaptiveGrid and UsefulGrid could both be used to generate a ‘table-like’ grid of square thumbnail images. You could set these as a link to open inside a lightbox. The other option is just to use ProGallery and configure sets of thumbnails and captioned full size images. There are various ways you could build this.

I don’t know how Poster Blog outputs images you upload with it. Other than LiteBox, I suspect these images might be outside of the boundaries for other lightbox stacks to see and reuse. In which case, it may be for the developer to provide lightbox support, specific to that particular stack.

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Thanks @willwood. Since Poster Blog already had the litebox set up I was thinking of just a grid, but ProGallery might work. I’ll have to check it out.

I will implement this natively soon…

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Another option is that if Poster Blog stores all its files in a single directory and you want to grid / lightbox everything, then you could use the Image Directory source in ProGallery to construct a gallery that will pull-in all the available images.

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I’m setting up using https://stacks4stacks.com/refinedslider/ and that works, at least in preview. The drawback to that is, I have to create 2 separate images, one for thumbs, one for the larger slideshow image. That’s why I was thinking of a fixed shape in a grid of images that each square image opened up to the full image. But a slideshow works as well, just more time consuming.

If the square thing can work with an update, that’s great. But I had a “duh” moment, using AdaptiveGrid and Litebox. I forgot that I need to just use 4 columns and put images below instead of using more grid cells.

Duh duh duh lol.

Like this (https://lisasandlerphotography.com/portfolios/lifestyle/), without the Switcher Stack part.