Clicking on "paintings" catagory brings up outdated display on website

When I access my website on google, if one clicks directly on “paintings” (see #1 on screenshot) an outdated display of my paintings page appear - showing only a small number of works compared to what is current. If one clicks on “The Art of Mark Stephens” (see #2 on screenshot) within my website, and then on “paintings”, then everything’s up to date.

How can I fix this problem, so that if one wanted to click directly on “Paintings” the result on my webpage would be correct and current?

Any help would be appreciated,


Use a 301 redirect to have visitors who click on that link go to the new page. Do a search for redirects, you should find the info very easy that way.


Thank you! I was going to fix the problem as you suggested, but called my web host and they did it within seconds.


Good topic.

@ben and @dan, this would be worth mentioning on a podcast. Maybe in a “Pro Tips of the Week” segment where you can relay some of the “Pro Tips” that come from users of the forums.