Client access to image galleries

Thanks, I am going to have to do some more testing.

Has anone used it with EasyCMS? This could be a good option for my client, but the demo page isn’t working. My client just needs to add 3-4 images per week with 3 set galleries.

I would also love it if I could keep the square thumbnails, I think it looks so much better.

Here is what my one client already has (I update the page for her).

Which one isn’t working? Do you have a link?

The EasyCMS Demo… I can’t get that page to load.

Update: Looks to be working in Chrome but not Safari.

I’m using it on this page with Easy CMS. Works really well.


Works good on Safari…

That sample looks like what I want to do. Square thumbnails and regular full scale image in the Lightbox. Are you just adding them through the EasyCMS interface?

Any chance you can send me a couple of screen shots or a small video of you adding images through EasyCMS?

So to build out an image gallery like you have, I would need to get Gallery Stack 3, EasyCMS, and Probably PageSafe correct?

The site’s live so the client is adding them now and I’d rather not fiddle with it.

In answer to question 2: yes. But no need for Pagesafe because EasyCMS now includes a simpler version of this called - I think - Protect.

And what’s really clever about Gallery 3 is that if you remove an image or several images, the thumbnails just close up and fill the gaps.

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Ok, I think this is the way to go for my client. I already have PageSafe, so if I need it I am covered, but now I need to see if I can get the client to fork over some extra cash so I can pickup Gallery Stack 3 and EasyCMS. Between the two Stacks it will be over $100 Canadian.

Thanks Everyone.

Although that sounds a fair whack, you’ll be able to use both stacks over and over again. And the way that JW has developed EasyCMS it’s now a really powerful content management system with some great features. As is Gallery 3.

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I have two more questions…

  1. will EasyCMS work with the default Image Gallery Plugin built into RW?

  2. If EasyCMS works with both Gallery Stack 3 and Nick Cates Photo stack, what do you think would be the better option?


Afaik, Nick Cates Photo Stack (great product!) doesn’t work with EasyCMS, but maybe someone else with better knowledge chimes in.

Last I checked (which was admittedly a while ago), it worked with Total CMS only.

On the Integration page for Easy and Total CMS it says it does. Maybe I can fire JW a quick Tweet.

Ok… at the end of the day, here is what I have learned.

  1. If the client wants to manage their own image gallery, the best overall option without re-inventing the wheel or jumping through too many hoops would be TotalCMS and using the built in gallery.

  2. Managing image galleries (Photos / Gallery Stack 3) with EasyCMS would require the admin to create a pre-defined layout. The user would then have to change images one at a time through the CMS. So if a gallery may require 100+ images the admin would have to create a 100 image pre-defined layout on the EasyCMS Admin Page. (Unless I am way off)

  3. All other solutions seem awkward.

Hi Rob

Did you have to create a pre-defined layout on your Admin page so you could add photos to your Gallery with EasyCMS?

What would you have to do if your gallery was going to contain 200+ images?

You could use a free Pixieset account with up to 1500 images in the free plan with all the features you could ever dream of. Or a free Shootproof account with less images.

You only have to setup this once. Or - use Adobe Behance. It is free.

Behance doesn’t seem to be the right fit for my client. Too professional for them, and I just don’t trust Adobe these days… I can see them just dumping it after nobody uses it.

If I do go with Behance (What is this name anyway?) and Gallery Stack 3, is there any way to get square thumbnails? The demo shows a masonry view only. As my client would add images to a defined gallery in Behance this would be automatically reflected on their own website. Set it up once and forget it.

Sorry for all the questions. I need to cover all my bases before making some executive decisions.