Go CMS or Alloy for portfolio pages?

Nice offer over here:

Since Go CMS always appeared pretty attractive to me, this promo brings me back to a question I am asking myself for a while…
Im am struggling whether to buy Alloy or Go CMS especially (and only) to build portfolio pages on client websites where the client can add new projects/products (whatever) independently.
None of my clients is interesting in regular blogging, though.

In the past I used to use foundation / total blog in such cases.
But I am somehow keen on trying something new that could be used with foundry or other frameworks.

Since only a few clients are demanding portfolio pages I am not willing to buy both and compare them in real life.
I would love to get some feedback, which option matches the „portfolio-thing“ better: Go CMS or Alloy? And why? Thanks in advance, guys!

Total CMS can be used in any theme. Outside of Foundation stacks, all of my products can be used in any theme.

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Hi there @papart – Alloy is not a CMS. It is a blogging tool. It is designed to focus just on the blogging aspect of things. If you’re looking to create blog entries I think Alloy is great (I would though, right? :wink:). As for a CMS – I really dig Go CMS from YabDab.


I’d suggest that the blogging element of GoCMS has more of a product page feel, especially if you use the Modern layout.


I know, although I never tried. But I guess it matches way better within the foundation cosmos. :slight_smile:

That´s exactly what I am after. The one thing I use blogs for is to enable clients to add projects to their portfolio / showcase / references page within their website…

I am wondering if you mean this as a pro or contra towards using Go CMS…?
Here are 2 examples of what i mean with “portfolio page”:

@Elixir: does alloy allow the user (my client) to insert images via the editor / drag and drop or is it necessary to fill in URLs?

Cool. If you’re looking for a blog with a backend editor that is what Alloy does. But it makes no qualms about being a blog. The format is very blog-like.

Yes, the Editor stack allows for image uploads directly from the backend editor, for both the Topper Images and Images within posts.

Hop on over to the Alloy site’s tutorials section and watch the Image Upload video for more information.

ah, very cool - the url-thing got updated! :v:

You can still use Markdown to use your own URLs if you like as well within the blog posts.

I have GoCMS v2 and regularly use Total CMS and I don’t think you can beat the flexibility of Total CMS. If it was purely for a basic blog the Go CMS is great and amazingly easy to set up but when you add in the extra features of Total CMS then it’s a no brainer.

It’s a pro. The Modern layout is pretty close to the designs you’ve referenced, see here - https://www.yabdab.com/demo/go-cms/blog/modern-layout/

I’ve never used the blog part of Total CMS, so can’t comment on it. I would say that GoCMS is a one-off purchase which can be used on many sites, whereas Total CMS is a per domain purchase. Of course, Total is much, much more powerful.


@jspencer2 and @robbeattie:
the “battle” is not between GoCMS and Total CMS - the competitor in this case is Alloy!
I am not looking for a full blown CMS for an entire website. I really only want to have a second option when it comes to building a blog page!
I tend to go for GoCMS – due to the current promo and because Alloy is foundry-only as far as I understand (?)

Yes, Alloy is indeed Foundry only. It ties into the underlying framework to make it more light weight since it shares code with Foundry.

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