Dropkick CMS or Pulse CMS

Hi guys,

Ok, I purchased Dropkick CMS to use on a client site with hopes that I could give my client a bit of a professional polish to her site and allow her simple content management … this never materialized as a while ago I noticed Pulse CMS (released by the same dev?) … this one seems like I could add a whole bunch of other ways to allow my client to edit her content, no?

My question is; I built the site using JW’s Foundation suite of stacks, I’m using Vegas stack from Doobox for banners, and I’m using Peek-a-boo stack from JW for some content reveal, and finally Gallery 3 from inStacks … will Pulse CMS allow me to give my client the ability to edit the mentioned stacks? Or should I just stick to Dropkick CMS and make banner, gallery changes myself when the client needs?

I posted this question to Yuzool’s support team, but after a cheery initial response I am now not getting a response …

Do any of you have any experience with either one of these CMS products?



Sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been working away a lot recently and I did not have a copy of Gallery stack to test with. I’ll reply separately in your ticket with some additional information later tonight when I (eventually) get home.

For Gallery stack you should go with Pulse CMS… Gallery stack has Pulse CMS integration baked right in.

For Peek-a-Boo I think you could use either as it just shows/hides generic content stacks anyway. So that should be fine.

For Vegas, I don’t know if either of them would work on the background images - because (looking at the edit mode settings on the Doobox site because I don’t own the stack) it appears that the background image drop zone will only accept an image. The content zone looks like it would accept a dropkick or a Pulse content reference snippet though.

Hope this helps. Sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner and like I say when I get home later I will send over some additional information in the ticket.