CODEX theme glitchy on Chrome, but not Firefox or Safari?

Hello. I’m finding that CODEX from MDD continues to work fine on Safari and Firefox, but that the #extraContainers MENU/section items no longer function under Chrome. Anyone else experience this, or know a fix? Many thanks.

What version of Codex are you using? I also had this issue on Chrome quite a while ago with version 1.0.5 and it was then fixed with version 1.0.6.

You can go to the Updates page for Michael David Design at the link below:

Thanks. I’ve got 1.0.7, which should be fine. I’m wondering if it’s just not liking the most recent version of Chrome, since it works fine on Safari and Firefox. Puzzling.

Might help if you post a URL.

Going back to version 1.0.2 solved the problem. Don’t know why, and neither does MD. Thanks for the input.

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