CODEX Theme Loading?

(Brain Makers) #1

I’ve got Michael David’s CODEX theme on several of my websites. I’m having a problem with the slides loading on all of these sites. It’s taking more than a few seconds for even the first image to load, and by that time, most viewers will have scrolled down past it before seeing anything else. Is there a way to get the slides to load quickly–or at least before the main body copy shows up?

An example is here:

Thanks, in advance

(scott williams) #2

It’s because your images are huge, you need to compress them.
Several are over 1MB one is almost 4MB!

(Brain Makers) #3

Thanks. Wow. Big oversight on our part. We just posted what the client sent over to get it up and running with the new theme. Should have checked that.

Another question. On this site:

the main body has a space much longer than necessary, even though we’ve not added breaks after the last word. Any idea what makes the gray main content container so big, and any idea on how to shrink it down?

Thanks again.

(Kunstmaler) #4

As swillian said: Too large files.
And why png files? Use better jpg files. You can compress better.

Smart PNG and JPEG compression:

Don’t you forget previously to reduce image size.
Not more than 1500 pixels in width…

Please excuse my bad English :slight_smile:

(Doug Bennett) #5

It looks like you have a bunch of <br>'s and empty paragraph’s(7) in your extra content areas.

2017-08-23_13-59-34 in your extra content areas

(Brain Makers) #6

Gracias. Much appreciated.

(Brain Makers) #7

How do I remove the extra breaks inside the theme–since those are html bits? I don’t seem to be able to actually edit html inside the theme anywhere, including inspector . . . Thanks.

(Doug Bennett) #8

They appear to be in “extra Content” areas. Don’t know a lot about EC’s. But here is a link to Codex Tutorial:

And Seydesigns EC info:

(Brain Makers) #9

Thanks everyone. Reduced the slide of all the slides, but still a lag on loading the slides at the top of the CODEX page. Anyone else having this slowdown?