Solved :- PlusKit, a very basic @import((page_name)) question

Hi all, i have looked all over for the answer to my question.

I am using a RW Photo Album Page, i have a stacks page with only a Full Screen Background image.

I would like to @import((page_name)) this stacks page into the Photo Album page.

Where should i put the @import((page_name)) command please ???

I know i have done this before, but nothing seems to work anymore !!! for example, is @import(()) Javascript or is it CSS ?
should it go in the Sidebar or the Header ? should the page Preview with the Background image showing in the Photo Album page ?

BTW i have RW v7.2.2 and stacks 3


Do you have last version of pluskit (version 4)? It works well with RW 7.2.x

It is a payment upgrade. You can download the beta from here:

Where do you want the Stacks page to appear? The only place I can find on a Photo Album page to put the code is in the sidebar.

Whenever I use PlusKit I always go the other way - importing a RW-type page into a Stacks page.


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@tappo Thanks for the link Pluskit 4, it all looks a bit scary at Your Head Slack, it also says that PlusKit v4 is incompatible with RW7 , i reckon i am going to keep well away from Plus Kit :frowning:


@robbeattie Thanks Rob I have had a message from one of the Your Head guys, and it cannot work what i was trying to achieve,
I am now going tackle the task a different way,
All i was trying to do, is create a RW Photo Album PlugIn Page and @import a RW stacks page containing only a Background Picture using a bgStretcher stack by RWExtras.


@timmytoad Build the whole page in Stacks. There’s plenty of photo gallery style stacks out there.

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@Elixir Thanks Adam, a very sensible idea, normally i would do that for a small number of pictures, but the project i have been messing with, has quite a lot of pictures on each page, and the Drag and Drop method of adding, for example, 50 pictures to a RW Photo Album page is much quicker/easier.

Your suggestion Adam, does make a lot of sense though, if i got organised a little more, i could rename the photos to make them suitable for warehousing, i recall there is an excellent Photo Album Stack that does that. I shall have to look it out, thanks.


Then this stack is for you… you can do batches of photos:


@Elixir Hi Adam, i am a pratt !, i have had that stack for some time, I have just double checked and i can see there is a BATCH option that uses photos already uploaded to a specific folder where the photos are named sequentially. Thanks for pointing that out Adam. Purfick :slight_smile:


No problem, @timmytoad. Glad to help jog your memory.

@Elixir cheers, my memory needs more than a JOG !! LOL


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I am using it pluskit 4 with RW 7.2.2 and, at the moment, it works.