HTML5 Audio and Video stacks issues (Joe Workman)

Hello to all the community,

Updates of these 2 stacks for more than a year do not solve the following problem:
The “Controls skin” settings in the “Inspector” panel no longer work!
It is not possible to change the different colors…

Really very problematic with the appearance/design of a website…
On the sales page, it says: “You can customize the player theme and colors to match your site design perfectly”.

Hoping, Mister Joe Workman, for updates next …
Thank you

During one of the last updates I updated the player framework to the latest versions and it broken the skinning. Sorry I have not had time to look into getting that repaired yet. I will try to move it up the priority list.

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Thank you for your quick response
and your willingness to repair later the “Controls skin” settings of these 2 stacks.

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