Color Theory & Fonts (FONT GURU™)

One of the things I have come to appreciate is the value of color theory.
I was first introduced to it anecdotally when I went to measure a kitchen. The customer was already occupied so I was asked to wait in an ante room that really made me feel good about being in the space.

While I was asking myself what I liked about the room I came to realize that it was the colors. The combination of colors was very comforting and I realized then how little I knew about color.

Here is an example of what I mean:

I was reminded about this again when i saw a video by Elixir Graphics about pre-built project files. The take away from that was they had already done the heavy lifting and all you had to do was fill int the content. What stood out for me was how they talked about pairing up typography in a way that had fonts that worked aesthetically well with others.

I have a lot of really great ideas but I suck at composition. What I am wondering about if whether or not anybody offers a stack that deals with just this concept.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE is something that brings in combinations of aesthetically pleasing fonts. I would like, for example, to start out with an H1 font of Helvetica and based on this have all my other fonts aesthetically correlated. If I pick a particular H1 font I would like to know what the FONT GURU™ recommends for the H2, H6, paragraph text etc.

If anybody can point me to this stack or can create one I will graciously surrender my trademark FONT GURU™ to them.

Not stacks, but:

For colors:

For fonts:

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Thanks Jan!

That’s exactly what I asked for.

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