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Having fully mastered Foundation and the BWD’s contributions, I felt it was time I put my Font Pro to real use. Whilst there are other Font solutions, FONT Pro is for the big boys, and it has got a lot of functionality. I did a lot of work with the help of on Fonts in general, which is almost essential to get the best out of Font Pro.

My only problem (which I have circumvented) was with Font Box. I would like to have several headers/sub headers on the same page, and I sorted out my selectors & classes to obtain, 2 different coloured headers in Font Boxs, following Joe’s excellent video. So off I go, full of joy, to create my page of a multi-coloured dream world (i.e. different coloured headers for the same Font & Main Style).

After considerable patience I almost surrendered, but succeeded by duplicating the Style in question 3 times. BUT they all required a different style number Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4 - to achieve my requirement. I thus assigned my Red to Style 1, my Green to Style 2 etc (having renamed the duplicated main style). SO - is there a BETTER solution as I’m rapidly running out of Style availability.

I don’t know if anyone else has asked, but Personally I would Like 20 Vaults & 20 Styles.

In anticipation - many thanks @joeworkman - Ken

Sounds like you need to start using classes then. You can create as many custom style classes as you want since its just a field that you type the name into. Whatever you apply that same class name to will get the Font Pro styles that you defined.

@joeworkman - there’s more than one way to skin a bear - a)My Way - stupid b)Your Way - intellectual.

Thanks Joe

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Now @joeworkman - I’ve used class to get my colours of the rainbow headers - BUT - I don’t want what your video says i.e to force my headers with selectors - I want them all different - but I’ve already used my class field in the Font Box for my COLORS. So where/how do I use selectors to target h3 headers with different fonts AND different colors. At the moment the fonts are all the same even though I select different vaults. Colors - Brilliant
You always get someone like me, however good your stacks are.
Regards Ken

Put each header in a cssbox stack and give it a class

@swilliam Surely that is what the Font Box stack, is meant to do. With some temerity, I think Joe could make a couple of improvements to FONT PRO. I’ve tried other tools, but for the very reason, that I now work in Foundation only, I want to stick with just FONT PRO. I don’t know whether @joeworkman has read my latest missive but I think? I have a point. The use of classes and selectors in FONT PRO can be confusing, even after several goes with his video. I think I want BOTH selector & class fields within the FONT BOX selection process. My other problem is the ‘force’ process, which works great in simple 2 paragraphs, process, but when I use it it forces every other header to the same font - not my aim.

I think that this answers your question…

If you want to target an h3 tag inside of a class, your selector would be .myclass h3

I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of this book. You will be a better designer because of it…


@joeworkman Hope this picture comes out OK - because this is representative of what I’m trying to achieve (all in vane with FONT PRO). So how did I get these - simple - used the BWD Header Pro stack, with Google fonts. Assuming that it was you that killed off (deprecated) development of BWD styles, it would be nice if FONT PRO worked with the same simplicity (see my other comments above). Theoretically, I can even select a FONT PRO style from within the Header Pro stack, but this doesn’t appear to work beyond a “Simple Header” (1 Header per page & the actual colour of the a proper style in FONT Pro) - I can only get what I want by coloring an actual style first - which seems to defeat the object of styles that can be colored with classes.
Hope you don’t take offense


@joeworkman I’m comfortable with HTML & CSS, particularly as the css used in FONT PRO is pretty simple stuff.

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