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I just installed CommentsStack and use it inside my Blog Post page that I created with TotalCMS. Works excellent.
However, the same comment is posted in every Blog Post that I created.
How can I make sure that comments made to one Blog Post are only visible in that specific Blog Post?

Does this help?

Hello Heiko. The link to my blog is Blog | Herko & Ingrid. I solved it for now by creating one page to comment on ‘everything’, so separate from my blog. However, I noticed the same when adding a rating from TotalCMS. Added a rating field to my generic blog post and this rating shows up in every post. I removed that as well but can add if that helps. Thanks! Herko

The general approach is the same, but your filenaming is a little bit different. You could try to use the following code for the Database Name setting of the Comments Stack:


Please Note the single quotes at the beginning and the end!



Works like a charm. Thank you very much!

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You’re welcome

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