Community website issues

Hi guys,
here are some issues on Community website.

    Popular page (both ascending and descending) shows 4 addons only

    Updates page shows all versions. I don’t think it’s expected.

    Popular addons order is not the same you see in home page. Is this expected?

Thanks Rob, will chat with @ben about fixing these up!


I’ll get these sorted, hopefully, this week!

“See all addons” page doesn’t work.

Please add a # anchor for reviews section in product page to directly link reviews.

Fixed, but maybe not in the way you might expect. The popular listings don’t necessarily include all plugins (or the type of addon you’re viewing). The updated popular algorithm takes in to account more recent activity on the site, so some plugins can fall outside of the scope of “popular”.


Also fixed!

Also also fixed!

This will be added when I get the updated front-end online.

Thank you, Ben.

And some random chars just to be able to post this message… :grin:

RapidCart always appears in Stats > Promotion Clicks chart though it’s not listed as promoted.

hmm, odd. I’ll investigate that ASAP.

@ben Been trying to change my promotions for a period that is well over 24 hours.
I keep getting given “the only once per day message”.
Am I inadvertently re-setting the time of last updated on each attempt, even though I am not successfully changing the promos for new ones?

If so, shouldn’t the time of last change only be re-set on successful change?

@ben Also, Is there a delay between updating an add-on and that update appearing in the activity feed?
I updated a stack for the first time in ages today (new version 1.0.3) “Stellar stack” and while it appears in “recently updated” it does not appear in the activity feed. (refreshed browser).

My thoughts on possible issue. I jumped from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 as opposed to 1.0.2 (just a maybe).

It gets reset daily for all developers. As soon as you change your promotions, you won’t be able to again until the next day.

Keep in mind that the server is running on UTC, so I don’t know what time it’ll be updated for your timezone.

Having said that, I have manually reset your account to allow promotion changes, so you can update them now.

Yes, it’s possible there will be a slight delay because as of yesterday all “background” tasks (such as adding items to the activity feed) are placed in a queue.

However, the reason your addon versions aren’t showing is due to a bug, which I was just looking at before I started typing this reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thank’s lot @ben

@ben Just tried to update my promotions again. First time since we spoke last, so 7 days ago. I still get this message (see attached image) :

@ben None of the developers product videos appear to be working on the community.

I’ll take a closer look at this ASAP, but you should be able to change them. Could you send me the exact steps you’re taking to see this error (a video would be best)

Doh! I’ll fix it ASAP.

No special steps.
I believe I :

Hit the x on each of my active promos in both the left and right fields to remove them all.
Add 2 new in left field, and 4 new in right field.
Hit update button.

I managed to change them this morning, but it had been 7 days since last change when it failed to allow me to yesterday again.

I’ll record the screen next time I try.

The main, large promo at the top of the page seems to be stuck on just two promos currently as well.

@ben Still seeing the same issue updating my promos. I recorded the screen before attempting to today. 3 days since last change :

@Doobox Apologies for this, I have now found the issue — we recently switched server and there was an bug in the schedular command which meant your promotion status wasn’t being reset.

@Elixir Same issue with the promos, this is also now fixed.