RapidWeaver 8 no dark mode no auto update

hello I have installed RapidWeaver 8.5.1
nowhere can I find the possibility to activate the dark mode
my macOS 10.15.3 is in dark mode
and i found that the auto update for stacks is not working
someone has an idea for me?

First, RW will use the setting for Dark Mode that is in your Mac system settings. In addition if you use Stacks the preferences for Stacks have Dark Mode Control that will override the Mac settings. As for auto update not working, haven’t a clue as I have no issues there.

first of all thank you keithnteri,
I think the problem has existed since I made the update from 7 to 8
The setting for the dark mode in Stacks Preferences / General / (Appearance: Follows system appearnce) only shows brightly even though the mac is on dark
maybe I should reinstall !?
can I re-download RW somewhere?

Have you rebooted?

Yes about 100 times :hugs:
I’ve had the problem for a while
I’m looking lot of tutorials right now, they all have dark mode, now I’m jealous :grin:

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