Compilation error on webpage

Can someone help me? My web page shows this error after publishing. It was fine before. On my computer it shows no error when editing.


: preg_replace(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 7 in


on line 143

I am using

OS 10.14.3

RapidWeaver 8.1.6 (20662)

Foundry Elixir Graphics

Poster InStacks software 1.9.3


Can you try to “republish all”?

I republished all files and now the webpage is completely blank. What should I do now?

Are you using Alloy for the blog? Then perhaps @Elixir might be of better help here…

What is the URL? It’s hard to help without seeing the issue.

This bit here makes be believe this is an error being thrown by Poster. I say this because there’s not much in Foundry itself that is PHP-based. Poster however is mostly PHP-based.

I republished all files once again and the web site reappeared with the same error message.
Would one solution be to delete the website, recreate it, and publish? or would the error continue?
Or could I mark the pages using poster as draft and republish to see if Poster is causing the problem?

what version of php are you running on the server?

PHP Version 7.3

Tagging @instacks

Please send me your project file as zipped archive:

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Oh, before that, upgrade to latest version of Poster Stack, which is 1.11.2:

@adgordon I think I found the issue, I send you a version to test. Check your emails please.

This seems to be related to PHP7.3 and a change in the PCRE regex library.

Will update all after retest is fine.

Just now read this email. Did you read my other email?
Let me know what I need to do.

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