Error message appeared when opening Rapid Weaver today

Notice: file_get_contents(): read of 8192 bytes failed with errno=21 Is a directory in /Applications/Net:Web/RapidWeaver on line 178

The above message appeared when previewing a blog page that had been previously updating successfully. I also preview in Safari and the same message appears.

The edit page looks fine. Obviously I haven’t uploaded again.

I am using RapidWeaver 8, and the Poster plugin.

Thanks - Nigel

You said blog page, but you also mentioned “poster plugin”. So to make sure we understand what is giving you problems, so are you are on a stacks page using poster stacks or the built in blog plugin?

My guess is that it’s a stacks page using @instacks poster? If so what version?
The error looks to be a PHP error message. What exact version of RapidWeaver (eg. 8.9.3)? What version of macOS are you using?

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It’s either a RW or Stacks plugin PHP server preview bug, not related to Poster Stack. Will not occur on the published website.

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Thanks both. It was one of those strange ones where, after I opened and closed Rapid Weaver a few times, the problem went away. Thanks for the replies anyway, and I much appreciate it. Best wishes - Nigel

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