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I’m looking to build a site with a series of complex forms that would include radio buttons, text fields, drop downs, file upload and re-captcha. Crucially my client wants to be able to create and manage these forms outside of RapidWeaver. I’ve not used either Total CMS or Foundation before and thinking this may be a potental combination however looking at the example sites the forms look quite basic. Can anyone reassure me that Total CMS and Foundation will do the job or should I be looking at other solutions. I’ve used FormLoom before but not sure if this can be integrated into the CMS.
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You might want to consider using MachForm. It’s a product that is independent of RW, but several RW folks use it. Easy to set up so a client can create and edit their own forms. @dave uses MachForm a lot on professional business sites. I use it a lot on course websites.

More here:

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Thanks Mathew,
Will check this out. Appreciate your help!

Hey @garymac - following up to @mathew’s review. I also believe MachForm is exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve lost count of how many sites I’m using it in, but it’s somewhere around fifty. I use the self-hosted version - which requires a MySQL database to be set-up on your client’s server. However, if this isn’t your thing, Yuniar (the owner) will do this for you absolutely free. He also offers a version that runs in the cloud (but I shy away from this - I like having everything on my server).

With MachForm, there’s no need to worry about integrating it with a CMS. You can give your client admin rights, which will allow them to edit the form whenever/however, they need to. Add new fields, delete fields, change labels, even change the look and feel. You give them control over what they’re able to do (see screenshot).

Oh, and one more HUGE benefit of using MachForm is that the database only needs to be touched once - when it’s created. If you (or your client) add/delete fields down the road, or create entirely new forms, MachForm handles all of the database stuff in the background. It’s fantastic!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask - I’m happy to help if I can. Yuniar is also very good about replying to emails sent through his website, but keep in mind that he’s in East Java - so, more than likely he’s sleeping while you’re working (and vice versa).




Thanks Dave! This is very reassuring.

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