Computer upgrad results

I decided to see what benefits I’d have changing out my 8 GB of Ram and my normal hard drive on my 4 year old MacBook Pro with the i7. I put in 16 GB of ram and a 1 TB SSD drive for $420.
Results are most noticeable in RW, but here are several results

Tests with old memory and drive
Open RW program = 20.48 seconds… 1.8 seconds
Open RW Widman = 36.4 seconds… 13 seconds
Save RW Widman = 38.0 seconds… 10.9 seconds
Save/close RW Widman = 46.4 seconds… 5.7 seconds
Export RW Widman without save = 5:32 minutes… 1:51 minutes

Filter macro = 11.8 seconds… 10 seconds
Save filter sheet = 3 seconds… 2 seconds
Oil macro = 7.8 seconds… 7.8 seconds

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What is ‘Widman’? Presumably a project file?

I’m thinking of upgrading hardware currently.
I’m already on an SSD and I’m wondering how much you can attribute your results to the new drive, and if the 16GB made a big difference?

RW for me runs fairly well apart from opening, saving and particularly uploading.
I also have an i7 Macbook Pro.

Yes, Widman is the one of my project files. It is 104 MB as a project, 123 MB Exported to upload. I think the greatest difference is the SSD. But I’ve also noticed a lot better keyboard response when I have my usual dozen excel files open plus other things, RW included, and it used to take longer for the command-c or other clicks to respond.
I thought I’d have better response on the Excel macros, but not much improvement there.

Since some month I have a new iMac 27" / 16 GB / 3.2 GHz with a SSD drive.
My old iMac worked 8 years.

But with Yosemite and El Captain I had to wait ~6 minutes, starting the computer.
Also I waited a long time for RapidWeaver and RW projects :wink:

Now the computer start takes only 1 minute (including password entry) and RapidWeaver and RW projects are at 2, 3 seconds open !!
The best investment was the SSD drive, I think.

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