Memory Requirements for RW 8?

I am interested in trying out RapidWeaver 8,
I need to buy a new iMac to do this.

How much memory do I need to get reasonable performance out of the program?

In my experience 16 GB minimum. But don’t buy the memory from Apple, they are way too expensive…

Before I got an iMac, I used RW7 on a Macbook Pro with 8GB for over a year. My iMac has 16GB, but I still use my 8GB Macbook when I travel etc… To be honest, I was very happy with the performance of RapidWeaver on the Macbook. Even using RW8 on the Macbook isn’t noticeably different.

It also depends on what else you have running at the same time.

But I would always advise going for as much memory as your budget allows.

My main machine is 12GB. No issue. However my Macbook is 16GB. It is monumentally faster. But that is because it has a 512gb SSD. That is the only thing that seems to make a real difference.

This past week, I have upgraded my ‘rig’ from a MacBook Air to a new Mac Mini (still awaiting delivery of a new display). I think the Air only had 4GB of RAM, whereas this new Mini has the stock 8GB of RAM. Both machines have SSDs.

Performance-wise, RapidWeaver 8 runs at about the same speed on the Mini as it did on the Air. So I think this ties-in with what @wirrah said about the disk hardware possibly being more important than the amount of memory you have or graphics / processor speeds.

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@cabinetmaker @Fuellemann I recently purchased a new iMac (as the graphics card on my 10year old iMac packed up). I’ve got a 21 1/2 inch iMac with a 1Tb Fusion drive and just 8GB of memory. Rapidweaver 8.1xx works spendily and gets faster the more I use Rapidweaver which suggests the SSD part of the Fusion Drive is giving priority to RW.

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