I want to create checkbox list in Total CMS

I want to create something that looks like the attached (with sensible text) so that in the Total CMS admin the checkboxes can be ticked and on the public-facing pages this is reflected. Is this possible?Checkbox

In principle that’s possible. At first the TCMS Toggle-Stack comes to my mind. You can set a stack to display when the Toggle is on (for example: checkbox checked) or off (checkbox unchecked). This way for every checkbox you’d need a Toggle stack. Maybe there’s a more elegant way to do this, but the way I described works for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try it…

As @RapidBase points out the tcms toggle works great for this. If the checkbox ui element isn’t an absolute must then you’re all set. One would set up a list of items each with a unique cms ID and a toggle for each item. Then the items can be displayed or not displayed on the public facing page. As well one could use the select show drop down menu to do the same. In this scenario one would have a list of items, one would select an item, then that item could be displayed in the public facing page. The drop down approach would not work as well for a multi select scenario. Best of luck.

Also thanks, I have been playing and see it works, just trying to see if I can get it to take less real estate on the page.

Awesome. Feel free to share a screen grab of your layout. I’m sure many (myself included) would be happy to offer another point of view in layout/space options. Best of luck.

Will do but will try to get it looking good first over a day or so… Thanks again

Great, worked a treat, thanks again.


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