Confirm text input field of type 'Email' with another, similar field value

Is it possible, and if so how, to validate a field with the value of another?

What I want to be able to do is to put two email address fields (or in other words, two ‘Text Input’ stacks both with ‘Type’ set to ‘Email’) into my form so that the second has to be equal to the first. In that way, I can hopefully reduce - perhaps even negate - instances of people completing a form with an incorrect email address because they typed it wrongly.

@TimLawson, you can do that no problem with Joe Workman’s Foundation Theme and Stack Packs, can’t remember which stack pack it is in though as I have all 3 of them.

You set the second to be equal to the first on verification (Don’t through the form’s Inspector Tab).

Another way is to use Capcha or a verification answer (like what is 5+4) as an example and this has to be correct if the form is to be submitted.


Thanks @Turtle Hmmmm… I can’t see where to do this. I understand all about the Captcha and a verification answer options but, in this instance, neither of those do what I want as it’s not about thwarting the spam-bots but rather about trying to stop mis-typing of text - in this case an email address.

I wonder if you, @zeebe, can help with this please? Exactly where / how do I set “the second to be equal to the first” please?

@TimLawson, yup, you’re right, I was thinking of another Form Developer, sorry. I don’t see a way to authenticate a form email address with a second field in Foundations, perhaps @joeworkman can add this to the validation scheme of the stacks. Or, between Joe and @zeebe, a possible work-a-round may be presented.


I added this as a feature request. Its not something that is possible at the moment with Foundation forms.

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@joeworkman - thanks Joe. For me, at least, it’s quite a big deal…