Confusion about stack 4 upgrade

I just bought stack 4, everything went smoothly, but when I proceeded to download I got Stack 3.6.6, in the end I went back to the forum and downloaded the beta, with the licence I purchased it was ok, bu I also had a number of update to download, and I am now slightly confused and would like to check that these are the latest:
Block 3.51, Collage 2.4.3, Flow 1.71, Sitemap 3.1.1
I could have emailed your head directly, but it is possible that other people who purchased Stack 4 had a similar issue

The issue is that stacks 4 is not yet released, it’s in beta. Your purchase gets you the previous version (and I would assume ver 4 when it is released, but you would have to take that up with @isaiah)

The purchase was for an upgrade from stack 3 to stack 4, when I downloaded the beta version and put in the new license number, it worked perfectly, what I am not certain is that all the update related to stack 4 and stack 4 itself download properly


So far the beta releases for stacks 4 have worked fine through the automatic update process. When you launch RW it checks for plugin updates. The current version I show is 4.0.0 b31

Hi @heretix,

Can you describe the exact problem that you’re having, I’m not sure I understand what exactly the issue is.

Obviously Stacks 4 is still in beta – so it’s not available on our website. Only released software will show up there. And if you’re new to RapidWeaver and Stacks and I would strongly urge you to stick to the released software as beta software will have bugs and require a bit more experience from the user than you’re likely to have at this point.

The current version of Stacks 4 is beta 31. There is no direct download link for this published anywhere. The recommended method is to download one of the other betas from the forum post here (it’s the one pinned at that top of the forum at the moment). Then let it update from that version to beta 31.

Although betas are now slowing down a lot because things are getting stable, there are still likely to be a number of beta releases before the final version – they often come fast – so we don’t post every single one to the forum – it would just be too many posts. So downloading and updating is pretty normal.

If you run into a specific problem, just let me know what the exact error message or issue is and I can help. :slight_smile:


Hello Isaiah, I am not new to RapidWeaver, I downloaded the beta of Stack 4, and installed it; after clicking on Upgrade, I went through the process, paid and received an email with the licence; after payment, there is an automatic Lin to download from your head website, I clicked on the various download available to me (updates of stack I paid for previously) and without paying attention, clicked on each download and installed.
I found immediately that all the download were previous versions rather than latest update for stack 4, for example instead of stack 4 beta, I was now using Stack 3.6.6
I sorted it immediately by redownloading stack 4 beta from the forum link, but it is not quiet clear from the your head website what you are downloading after due payment


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