Connecting to old smb ip

Has anyone come up with the problem of RapidWeaver trying to connect to an old ip address? I changed my modem/router (old ip range to to a new one ( to and Rapidweaver insists on trying to access it. The error message The Server is unavailable come up after 30 secs. of spinning beach ball. Even after quitting RapidWeaver because it is frozen looking for the non existent server, the error flashes up again! All this has rendered RapidWeaver useless. OSX 10.11.1. and RapidWeaver 6.3.5 Stacks 3

Did you change the bookmark for the publishing of that site to the new IP address?

Did you change the url in the site settings to the new IP address?


Hi Brad. No, the only thing that has changed is my modem/router. The old one had an IP range of -254 whereas my new one is - 254. RapidWeaver always starts a save by looking for the old IP of which is my QNAP server (I save a copy there). The QNAP now has an IP of

Ok, so Rapidweaver is looking for the server to be at [quote=“SyPhi013, post:1, topic:3728”][/quote]

So, that old IP is likely in your publishing bookmarks somewhere or in the Site Preferences, which means the address needs to be updated to the new IP of [quote=“SyPhi013, post:3, topic:3728”][/quote] or am I missing something?

Do you have any resources or RW projects on this IP address?

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Hi Turtle
To be clear, the old IP of is my QNAP server at home, where I store copies of projects. The IP is the new IP assigned to it from the new mode/router. I have no bookmarks in the project and have not changed the publishing setting with the Host.