Where to find the IP Address

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Hope this is an easy question. Where I can find the IP address in my Rapid Weaver account, I am having problems publishing my site and think I need to update this information.

Many thanks!!!

I’m not sure what you mean by the IP address in your RapidWeaver account. Are you talking about where you enter the IP address of your web server so that RW can publish to it? If so, it’s in the publishing area of the left sidebar.

Thank you DLH. You worded that much better than I; I think that is just what I am trying to do.

Unfortunately I don’t see a publishing area on the LEFT sidebar. I see a Publish button in the top righthand corner of the screen that has a dropdown menu where I updated the FTP info. Still looking for the IP address area… : (

What version of RW?

6 Version 6.4 (15176)

In RW7 and RW8 it’s in the left sidebar.

In RW5, you can get to the publishing settings from the File menu.

I don’t have RW6 installed, but it’s probably similar to RW5.

You are 100% correct. I do see those settings in the File menu. But there too there is space to update FTP settings but not IP address.

The issue I am having is that I have made changes to my site but when I publish it, it SAYS it is published but the changes do not show up on the website…

I am assuming that might have something to do with the new IP address not being linked…? I am not sure.

You put either the server DNS name or IP address into the Server Address field. That’s the server that RW connects to for publishing. Use what your host recommends and put it there.

As far as you not seeing changes, it could be that your web browser is showing you cached (older) content. Try a different (not often used) browser. You can also try Private browsing.

If you want to post a link and let us know what is one of the new changes, we can see if we see the new or old content.

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I put in the IP address in the Server line, republished and still the changes are not showing on the live site (Safari or Firefox). Not sure how the do the Private browsing step…

Here is the link: https://namaskaryoga.com

The changes I am looking for is under the Teachers tab dropdown menu the following two teachers should not be listed: Alison Riazi and Liz Vitell.

Any further insight would be so helpful!

The updated content is definitely not there.

If you aren’t getting any errors publishing, then you are either publishing to the wrong server (IP or server name) or to the wrong folder (path).

Does your hosting company have a control panel you can login and browse the file structure? Do you see two different sets of files?

You can also download a free FTP client, like Cyberduck and login with that and see if the files were published to the correct place. That will also allow you to check the FTP settings from your host.

wow. you sound like you know what you’re talking about… I will have to investigate all this. I will contact my host tomorrow and see if I can find out more based the info you provided.

You have been very helpful! Thank you so much Don.

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