Connection problem

For some reason I am having a problem uploading my web sites.My ISP has advised me that I need to talk to Realmac about resolving the issue so I guess I am now in an ever revolving circle trying to resolve the problem.
I have no problems at all connecting to my website server with Filezilla but when I use the same informatioin in the Publishing section of RapidWeaver 8.4 I just get a Time Out Error. I have tried just about every combination in the Publishing window and just fail to connect. Yes I am using the correct Password.

Are there any hidden connection settings that are not on the main connection window?

Thanks Ed

Now found the answer. Publishing method needs to be set to FPS, this seems to have solved my problem. Hope it lasts.

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Forgot to mention if you are having connection problem ALWAY disable your VPN if you are using one. This may be just a problem with my ISP but for some reason they need to “white list” my IP address’s and of course when using a VPN your IP is contantly changing during each log in. As I said this may just be a problem that I have but I thought I would share the information anyway.

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