Trouble with Constant Contact Script

Anyone place Constant Contact script into their site before? I’m having trouble getting this to work. I’ve used MailChimp with no issues, but Constant Contact requires a Universal Code to be placed on the site. I suspect my issue is where to place the script.

Their instructions state: The Universal Code needs to be pasted into your website’s footer, somewhere between footer tags that fall before the closing body tag. After that, any changes you need to make to the content or design of your sign-up form are made in your Constant Contact account and are automatically reflected on your website.

After that, place the Inline code where you want the form to appear.

I’m using Foundry, but I’ve also tried this on a blank HTML page with no luck.

How and where are you placing the code?
Looks like from the instructions the “Universal Code” is a javascript. The “inline code” looks like HTML elements.

Try placing the inLine code in an HTML stack with the Universal code below it (same stack).

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