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Hi, for your information, a recent experience.
After reading a lot of posts here about the problems related to sending Contact forms via PHP or SMTP using RW 8 and after having considered several solutions, I gave up on PHPMailer which was the solution proposed by my host, but which I considered too complicated to install for my skills.
I decided to try Formsnap 3 from Yabdab despite its high cost $ 49.95.
I installed it and discovered in preview mode that this stack displayed across the Contact form page an “ad” message:

This page was created with an unregistered version of Formloom 4.

A Stack I never looked for, never purchased, nor installed.
This message was also a hyperlink inviting to buy Formloom 4 for $49.95. In other words, in order to get rid of this message on all my Contact forms, I had to buy FormLoom 4. The bill then climbs to $ 99.90! No way !
So, I didn’t even test if using Formsnap 3 my Contact forms worked fine, instead I sent a message to Yabdad expressing my surprise at their very pushy commercial policy, demanding an immediate refund of my purchase and promising to delete the FormSnap 3 stack in return. I was refunded within 24 hours. Fine, so I deleted Formsnap 3.
Yet, my problem of sending Contact form via SMTP is still not solved.

Well, they obviously made a strange mistake, but I have to say that Formsnap is pretty good, as are many other form stacks for RW, and many of them offer smtp.

Thank you for your message. Do you have a suggestion for an affordable working RW smtp stack ?
From what I read, several users complain that some stacks offering smtp authentification are not working properly.
I am still looking for a solution.
Thank you.


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Sounds like you got @yabdab trial version of Formloom 4 which is a totally different product then formsnap.
Formloom is a plugin (type of page).
If you purchase FormSnap (uses stacks page exclusively) that you are using those stacks and not the Formloom plugin.

It depends on how much info you want them to give you. I use just a simple stack from Doobox. It is Contact Form. I then put it in a slider and have it come out from the side of the page if they want to drop a line. It is a simple contact form and seems to work well. At least give it a look see.


Well, FormSnap and FormLoom are both pretty good! FormsPlus is very good but is $59.99. I don’t currently use SMTP so I don’t know how well they work in SMTP mode, but I suspect the complaints are from people who make mistakes in setting up SMTP.

Thanks all.
The thing is for security reasons and anti-spamming measures my host ie Planethoster won’t accept incoming mails without proper authentification on their servers. So they request mails to be processed through SMTP. Which makes sense. These safety measures are exactly why I choose not to link the Contact page to my personal e-mail address but rather to an address linked to the domain, like
From what I understand, Doobox doesn’t provide SMTP authentification. As far as Yabdab products are concerned, I’m done. So I’m looking for another source.

Actually, I’ve just had an email from my host, A2Hosting, to warn of vulnerabilities in PHPmailer. I might switch to SMTP.

A very easy way is to use the Formulate stack by stacks4stacks. The systems goes through a service called that is free up to a certain level. Very very easy to setup. Unless you really need very advanced options like the ones offered in stacks similar to FormsPlus (also very good).

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