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I have Rapidweaver sites at Dreamhosts and the Contact Page never works. I got in touch and they directed me to this site on their server.


So this is one thing to keep in mind:’s%20sender%20domain%20policy%20exists,must%20be%20hosted%20at%20DreamHost.

And the setup to send via SMTP like this:


Does anyone have any idea how to do this please? I am just not technical enough I’m afraid and it’s driving me nuts.

I have Paypal!

Hi @Sparkoids,

RapidWeaver’s built-in Contact Form page does not offer the ability to send mail via SMTP authentication.

Please take a look at our troubleshooting tips for the Contact Form page below to see if any of those resolve the issue you are having.

Let us know how you get on.

Hi dang,

What I am asking is does anyone know how to do the code in the link I supplied please?

Hi @Sparkoids,

The PHP code supplied on that page (second link you post) is meant for people who code their own websites in a language called PHP, not for sites designed by a no-code solution like RapidWeaver. In theory you could insert this code into RapidWeaver, but it’s quite an advanced feature.

However, if you did, the result would be zero, because as @dang already stated, Rapidweaver’s built-in form doesn’t support SMTP (so the code will have no effect).

If you’re in need of a form that supports SMTP and RapidWeaver, then take a look at Formloom ($50, Yabdab Software). You won’t need the code supplied by Dreamhost for this solution to work.



Heads up, get FormSnap instead.

It offers SMTP as well :wink:

… and is about to get a BIG update that will give it all the power of Formloom (plugin) in a stack.

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Hi @yabdab,

I’m not sure if @Sparkoids uses Stacks though…


I do use Stacks

I have Formsnap 4 and it doesn’t work either. The problem is no one does this PHP thing I don’t understand how to set up and it’s driving me nuts. Thanks anyway…

You shouldn’t need to do that “PHP thing” if your Formsnap 4 is set up properly.

If I had to guess with the limited information you’ve given of “form not working”, I would say:

  1. You’ve got your mail settings incorrectly entered into Formsnap 4
  2. You haven’t set up your SPF and DKIM records correctly for your email domain.
  3. There is some other block happening on Dreamhost’s servers that they haven’t told you about yet.

If you’re available on Friday we have an Office Hours session where we can try and help you troubleshoot this in real-time. This is a public session though.

If you prefer a private one-on-one feel free to send me a direct message and we can get something scheduled.


Since your working Formsnap 4 I will pop in screenshot of the configuration settings for SMTP to Send email. This is not a PHP Coding thing, This is merely putting in some details the same as setting up an email client the the Hosting provider provides.

If you dont know what these details are from your hosting provider you will need to contact the hosting provider because every hosting provider on the net is different.

Thanks very much for that - will test it this evening when I get home from work.

Much appreciated…

In fact judging by the reply from Dreamhosts I am now certain this will work…

What that email is saying is you have to use the SMTP setup I mentioned.

Not sure what time zone you’re in but you can PM me depending on what time your online I will help if you need it.

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Yes I emailed you yesterday regarding to see if it can produce a single page contact form and am awaiting a reply. I want it to work and look similar to this page here. If it does that I’m in immediately…

Simple enough I sent you a zoom link just let me know when you have time

Hi Scott. I am GMT time but have family medical issues to contend with. Are you available on your Zoom on Monday next week?

If your product can provide a simple single page form that works I will order immediately…

Sure I can spend some time on Monday. We just need to get the configuration for the email details. you have what you need I think its just understanding it is all

Just to let any interested party know I updated Stacks and got the Formsnap 3 and input bundle and it seems to be going well.

The issue now is a fault with the “Reply To Item” field which is throwing up the following error:

I have emailed the company to see their reply and may I take this opportunity to thank everybody in this community for their offer of help.

I am trying to sort these things on my own at the minute but thanks anyway…

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I’ve come full circle and am off to cry myself to sleep.

hmm interesting looks like the your SMTP settings are not correct.

This is the same as setting up an email client

email address for username
Email Password

Port usually either port 25 or port 587