Contact Form & Armadillo PHP problem?

Hi there

I have published my site built with Rapidweaver.

The contact form is the Standard one from RW.
the 2 problem pages are Aktuelles and the contact form

When someone clicks on with the pages, they get a Text Edit download instead of the page as planned.

Jonathan from Nimblehost has been helpful so far and says " looks like your web server may not be setup to process PHP files."
However my Hosting service lists 5.2 and 5.3 PHP is included? which is what Nimblehost say is required.

Whilst I wait for an answer from my hosting, has anyone else come across such a problem or found a solution.



Create a php page with this code and upload it to your website:


Upload it to your website and navigate to the page. If php is running, you will see a page with lots of information about it, including which version it is. Then delete the page as the information might help a hacker. It might be worth showing Jonathan a screenshot of the page before you delete it.

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It utrns out for some reason my Hosting had not activated PHP so explains it all. Now I have an error message with Armadillo that I am working one,

I will get there


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