PHP 5.5 compatibility

My web hoster has announced that it will be replacing PHP 5.4 with PHP 5.5 and that I should check to see if my website is compatible with 5.5. I have no idea what any of this means. My version of RapidWeaver is 4.4.2, so it’s pretty old. My website isn’t too fancy, so will it likely survive the change?

Hi, are you aware of any PHP functionality on your website like contact form?
If not, you should only have html files on your website and are not affected by this.
Cheers, Jannis

Thanks Jannis. Yes, two of my pages are index.php files, and the rest are html files. One is rarely used and I could do without, but the other is essential. It is a contact form where my clients provide their information and attach files to upload to me. I’ve seen an addon listed called HTML Contact Form for replacing PHP files, but it didn’t seem to have the capability for people to upload files. I know the date when my hoster will be upgrading to PHP 5.5, so if I encounter problems, can you recommend a fix?

Hard to tell… There is no html-only contact page, you need server side script therefore.
But I doubt you will run into problems with that. If it is the default contacts page from RW, best is get back to them to be sure.

Thanks again Jannis. It is the RW default contact page. The hoster is providing the option to temporarily revert to PHP 5.4, so if I encounter problems, I will have some time to contact RW to see what can be done.

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