reCaptcha invalid key with Formloom

Today I noticed that my Formloom forms using reCaptcha are displaying the error “Invalid site key. Please see the FAQ.” It seems the key is no longer valid. I see no way to change the key with the plugin, or did I miss something?

Rapidweaver 6.3.7, Formloom 2.0.9

Site example:, click on Contact Us


I found these articles helpful:


Thanks for that. So now I really have a good reason to get my boss to upgrade.

I read that article again after considering switching from FormLoop to FormSnap. Am I reading it correctly, that it only works with FormSnap AND Stacks 3? I only have Stacks 2, so if I’d have to purchase that upgrade as well?


I think your last assumption is correct based on this paragraph from the first link:

Formloom 2 and FormSnap ( for Stacks 2 ) will not have these updates and therefore the use of reCaptcha will no longer be possible in those products. We recommend you update to current version of our products if you need reCaptcha in your forms.

Mike at YabDab has great tech support and will be able to confirm since that sentence (quoted above) includes Stacks 2.

I’d honestly say that upgrading (both) to the later version of FormLoom/Snap (and certainly) to Stacks 3 if you don’t have it is a very good idea. Good luck!

Thanks, I think I’ll stick with Formloom 3. Since it has a stack to incorporate into a Stacks page it’s almost the best of both worlds.

Good move!

Remember to do the clean up of files from earlier versions of the s/w as Mike suggests in that second link.

And then - it caught me - to note that the format of the new reCaptcha is different.