Contact Form Issues

I have three websites built with RW6 who’s contact forms have stopped working. I built these sites between 2009 and 2013.

My hosting company;, has run tests and tells me:

“As per our review, there is no issue with your forms. The PHP code works properly and the forms DO send the emails.”

"However, the recipients of the forms reject the deliveries for two reasons:

  1. The forms are insecure and have been most probably reverse engineered by spammers to send spam. This triggered blacklists for your domains with specific providers and the solution would be to add captcha to your forms (we recommend reCaptcha - and then request blacklist removals from the respective providers.

  2. The forms use the default PHP mail function and do not authenticate at the SMTP level when sending the emails. This triggers a flag with most providers and your forms should be rewritten to support SMTP authentication and send via SMTP.

Unfortunately, while we can help you with point #1 above we cannot do the same with point #2 as it implies custom coding which is not covered by the MSH service."

Can somebody suggest how I should proceed to fix these issues?

There are a number of add-on forms (such as FormLoom) which allow you to add ReCaptcha or other security checks and which allow emails to be sent using SMTP rather than the PHP POST function. Whether the latter is necessary is doubtful.

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