Problem with contact form 5.0 on 5.3.2 RW

Problem with contact form 5.0 on 5.3.2 RW
With the 'hosting where I joined, the form of the contact page is not working properly, doing a test upon completion of sending me this error:
We can not verify That You are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.

In the contact page settings I popped both entries and then one, but without result. With another hosting that I used before everything worked properly, but with this it is more professional, it does not work.

Who can help me figure out where the problem is, from what is due?

Thanks so much !!!

Call your Hosting Provider. Many providers have security steps in place to block Robots. They require you to use an SMTP setup. So what ever they have in place you need to find out.

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Thank you so much x your help, they in fact have asked me that the form should use an SMTP, you can check what the settings and indicarcele?

What should I answer x let him know how it should be configured on their servers?

What kind of features I have to say that it must have the hosting service on which they are, because it features the contact form 5.0 RW 5.3.2

Thank you so much x who help me !!!

Built in Forms plugin uses php function that does not use SMTP. You will have to use another tool as your service provider feels this is a security issue on his network. It can be if one of the other people on the server screws up. I personally use FormLoom plugin for a couple of reasons one it can be configured for SMTP the other is well I can write data to a Google Spreadsheet at the same time.

in Order to use SMTP you will need to use your email address and smtp information you use to set up your email client on your system or your clients system. That way the emails go through the email server. Its fairly straight forward but best to gather the details before you start.

Hello thanks for the 'help, in fact, my new hosting made me these specific questions:

Dear Customer

to send email from a form, used by CMS, you need to configure your outgoing mail (SMTP server called server) such settings is a must because you need to indicate the same thing used to release the mail.

These settings are configured in the backend in the area relating to the sending form. You have carried out such a configuration?

From what I seem to have realized that with the default form of RW you can not get it to work with my new Hosting, right?
Do I have to use another plugin !!!

Thanks so much.

Correct use a set of form stacks or formloom that can use SMTP.