Contact Form not working in Firefox

I’m having a problem with a contact form page (imported with PlusKit into a Stacks page) not working in Firefox. The form is not sent, and the feedback messages don’t show. The page just reloads after hitting the submit button. Any other browser I tested works as expected.

Does this ring a bell with someone? Or does anyone have an idea what I could do (other than using another plugin or stack) to make the form work wit Firefox?

Can you give us the URL? I’ll happily try to fill the form in using Firefox to see if it’s something peculiar to your setup. That would at least eliminate that possibility.

Here’s the link: Contact || Real estate for sale on Zakynthos (Zante), Greece || and here’s what you should be seeing when hitting the Submit button without filling the fields:

Thanks in advance!

That’s exactly what I’m seeing using the latest Firefox under Windows 7 Professional.

Thanks Rob! I also got a report from someone using a Mac that all is well with the form, so it looks like it’s something on my side…

That narrows down the search a lot…

Found it! It turned out that I had cookies disabled in my Firefox :flushed:

I do consider myself a RapidWeaver veteran, but that a RW contact page uses cookies was new to me, let alone the fact that a contact form does not work when they are disabled in the browser…

RapidWeaver uses PHP sessions to store information. That session information is, I believe, stored as a cookie by the server which PHP is running on.

It looks like 6 cookies are set:

  • PHPSESSID, __utmc (session cookies)
  • __utmt, __utmb (expire in a day)
  • __utma (expires in two years)
  • __utmz (expires in six months)

Something to take into account with the current EU cookie law!

The ut prefixed ones are from Google Analytics. We don’t have any control over the cookies set by the server…