Contact Form not working


I have created a website using RapidWeaver and my problem is that the contact form doesn’t work.

The e-mail is hosted in Office 365, the server is Linux and allows to send from another e-mail, I have checked the box “Send from my e-mail”. The e-mail though is from the same domain as the website

What am I missing ?

Include a link so be people can help you.

Hello JohnJ, thank you for participating in my problem.

This is my the contact form I am trying to make it work.


An update guys, after spending some time with my host provider and office 365 (hosts my e-mail) I was in a dead end because one service blamed another.

So I dug into Plesk documentation and found out that in order to send an e-mail to an e-mail hosted in external provider I needed to do the following:

  1. Check the checkbox in RW contact form settings “Send mail using your email address”
  2. Clear all email settings in hosting Plesk
  3. Add MX record in Plesk pointing to your e-mail provider (in my case office)

Last but not least don’t forget that the e-mail will most likely go to your junk folder.

Great work! Thank you for sharing the fix with everyone… Nothing like fixing a problem yourself… very satisfying.

Remember to test your email periodically. I have had my contact form quit working on a few occasions. It happens when your host makes changes to the server. I don’t get many emails…

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