Mail doesn't work anymore

I’ve stopped making sites a few years ago now but still having some (7) sites who are still running online. All sites did run well but now they’re having problems with sending mails (oups something went wrong) but what goes wrong, I wouldn’t know. My clients and myself did receive a message from our provider ( that PHP version 5.6 and 7.0 are ‘deprecationned’ and have to be upgraded to PHP 7.2.
I’ve even still updated to RW8 as there were several sites still online and most of the clients are (still) happy with there site.
So I’ve done the upgrade on there server but mail still isn’t working yet. I do have to say some sites had allready a mail problem before that message. The strange and frustrating thing about it is, that there weren’t any changes made on those sites and everything worked well until some client called that the mail did’t work anymore.
As almost all sites have been build up with RWML stacks and we do always need several languages in Belgium. Tsooj Media have stopped making stacks so I do wonder if anyone would know where my problem is? I’ve had a tip earlier from Aaron but that didn’t help. I also would like to know if there are colleagues in Belgium who are working with RW.


as for RWML, Will Woodgate has taken over the development of the stack and is still active. He is the developer and owner of
Guess he will be able to help you at least with problems related to RWML, maybe also with your mailing problem.

thx Sharky. I know Will and he’s always very willing to help. I’ve had a (solved) problem with the extracontent after upgrading to RW8.

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