Contact Form solution that allows for outgoing mail authentication

Can anybody recommend a third party Contact Form solution that allows for outgoing mail authentication.

A couple from the Marketplace, both offer SMTP authentication.

Thank you, Dan,
I think for this Price I perhaps rather go for the Vibralix Store.
We’ll see

You mean the Vibralogix Store? I don’t remember them making a dedicated Contact Form plugin/stack, but perhaps one is included with their shopping cart. :person_shrugging:

You mentioned here you were having troubles with the built-in Contact Form. Perhaps we can help get that sorted for you. What email address are you trying to use in the Contact Form to receive emails? Feel free to send me a direct message if you don’t want to post publicly.

We use the contact form as a cart which is a compromise but which allows us to offer payments by PromptPay, Thailand’s most popular payment mode. Rgd. Vibralogix Store I first need to check out if they can integrated PromptPay payments. Without that it is not working for us.
Meanwhile I simply set up a Email payment gateway which also works ok.

It would be great if the built contact form could be used but I gave up after a million tries….

I can see screenshot of the settings and the results herewith
sometimes it works, sometimes it does not….

sorry, I forgot to add the link to my ‘home made’ online store. here it is:

Hi @hucky,

One of the payment processors that VibraCart Pro supports, is Stripe. Stripe supports PromptPay.

So while you won’t see a setting for PromptPay in VibraCart Pro’s backend, you can still set it up through Stripe.

  • create an account on
  • make sure you use Stripe Checkout (it’s way easier, although the other way is also doable)
  • activate PromptPay in your Stripe-account
  • look on page 94 of the VibraCart Pro for RapidWeaver manual for an explanation on how to integrate Stripe (it’s not difficult)

Now, when a person from Thailand buys a product and goes to the checkout page, VibraCart Pro will display Stripe’s Checkout instead of the built in one. In its turn, Stripe Checkout will automatically display PromptPay as an available payment option as it detects that your customer is from Thailand.

Easy, huh?

If a person from, say, The Netherlands goes to pay for their order, they won’t see PromptPay at all, but they will see the payment options that:

a) you’ve allowed in your Stripe account


b) are relevant to that customer

In this example, the payment method iDeal would be shown (assuming you allow it from within your Stripe account’s settings of course). The reverse is also true: a customer from Thailand will not see iDeal during checkout.

You can allow or block any payment method in your Stripe account, but be careful not to lock too many out. If you do, and a customer from a country where you accidentally block every available payment method from tries to pay you, they won’t be able to complete their order. And you don’t want that!




My condolences.


Hi Erwin,

I am back in Bangkok….
I just want to reconfirm with you that it is possible for a layman like myself
to setup and manage the VibraCart Pro stack and that it can offer PromptPay to the Thai customers.

If that is the case then I think I should get it.
Thank you

Hi @hucky,

You should be able to manage that without problems. And if you run into anything, Vibralogix’ support is great!

Keep in mind you’ll need a Stripe account though, so better to get started with that. It can take some time for them to vet you (Stripe needs to follow the European KYC rule that banks also need to do).


Hi Erwin,

thanks. I think I got a Stripes account but rarely used it so far…. Let me check it out.
Meanwhile, is there any typical website which uses the VibraCart Pro. It would be good to have a look
to get an idea.

Thank you