Contact Form - Where does it go?

Ok I set up a contact form over at, published it, then sent a test contact. Under the General tab I have my email address but have unchecked the box to the right because I don’t want my contact on each page at the bottom Upon sending the form, I have waited for half an hour for the contact submission to show up but none has. Any idea where it is? went? etc.?

Thanks in advance for the help y’all supply for this newbie.

Many web hosts don’t allow emails to be sent from Gmail, Yahoo, etc. email addresses. If you’re using an email address that doesn’t match your website’s domain, that’s likely the issue.

One other thing I’d suggest is using a modern, responsive theme. You’re using the Clean theme which is a “Classic” theme. Your website will provide a poor experience for users using mobile phones.


Also check your trash and spam folders. The message may be lurking there!

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