Contact forms have stopped working

(Paul Stokes) #1

Since upgrading to 8.1.3 my contact forms, which were working, no longer send emails. In trying to work around this I’ve found that if I change the ‘send to’ email address the ‘Publish’ button stays greyed out (and the red ‘close’ button does not have a black dot in it). Does this indicate that Rapidweaver isn’t registering that I’ve made a change to the project?

Foundation Contact Form Ceased Working - Help Appreciated
(Paul Stokes) #2

Further to this, ‘HTML Contact Form’ from Doobox does work, so I guess that this would indicate that server setting etc. are fine and that the problem is in Rapidweaver.

BTW using the Doobox stack doesn’t solve the problem because it doesn’t have the upload facility that I need.

Everything worked fine until 8.1.3. Installing 8.1.4 hasn’t cured it.

(Ric) #3

I had exactly the same problem with the Foundation Contact Form. I posted about this yesterday.

I swapped out for the DooBox Contact Form which I have working.

Today I can’t connect to my ftp server with 8.1.3. and 8.1.4. I have never (ever) had a problem connecting to my ftp server. If I run the test on the ftp setup panel it says it’s fine.

Using RW and upgrading is a f… lottery.

(Joe Workman) #4

Republish all files?

(Paul Stokes) #5

Tried that. It makes no difference.