Contact person at YourHead

Good evening,

I am trying to get a hold of someone form YourHead.
In the past I purchased their Plugin Bundle that included Stacks.
Since then I deleted my email associated with the account.

Do you know who I can contact besides and

Thank you all in advance.

We can tag @Isaiah, the man behind YourHead Software, and see if he replies here for you.

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Good evening. Can you please assist? I purchased the Plugin bundle in the past and recently re-purchased RapidWeaver. I can’t do anything without Stacks. So basically, I am stuck. Unfortunately, I have lost everything that I purchased from you in the past. I can provide the email address that I no longer have access to that was used initially. I am also willing to pay the upgrade cost. Would you please let me know if there is anything that you can do for me? Otherwise, I will spend the entire cost because of time constraints.

I unfortunately can’t help you since I’m not a YourHead employee. The only person that can assist you is Isaiah (@isaiah) as he is the owner and operator of YourHead.

You can lookup your order here…

@joeworkman, Without access to the original email, the automatic lookup won’t be any help.

Unfortunately, a real person @isaiah will need to help you.
He’s been MIA other than a single post for some time now.

My understanding is he occasionally is around on Twitter. He hasn’t been on his own slack channel since May.

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Thank you everyone. Isaiah Reached out to me and took care of everything.

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Hi Robert,

I’m Isaiah. I’ve answered a few questions by people named Robert in our Zendesk support recently – but none with Trebor as their last name.

My support is caught up for this past week with the exception of a few very technical questions which I’m taking some extra days and some extra files to answer.

I will have another look through my spam folder to see if anything else got lost. Or if you’d like me to look somewhere else – or your email is under a different name, just let me know and I’ll have a look.



Good morning Isaiah, I am the Robert that you have been helping. Trebor is not my last name. Thank you again for all of your time and assistance. I have already purchased the upgraded Stacks and downloaded all of the additional Plugins. I believe you were going to update my email for will, which I confirmed. Have a great day.

Oh, great. That makes this easy then. I took care of all the updates last night. I think all should be well, already.


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Actually he has been helping more than one Robert, I have been the one asking about pluskit.

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