No reply from YourHead re:Lockdown since Nov 2019

If anyone from YourHead is kicking around this forum… I posted a tech support request on November 4, 2019. My understanding is there was some health emergency so I left it. On January 6 I posted a followup and got a reply from Christi with an apology and that they’ll look into it ASAP. I still heard nothing back, asked again on February 28 and then again on April 7. Did my request fall through the cracks?

I originally posted about the issue here - number 2 on the list.


I ordered Stacks today but got no activation code or email from them. Emails to Christi came back undeliverable. I hope everyone’s okay.

My apologies, there have indeed been a lot of cracks to fall through this past few months. I was only just getting back to full time when the world started to fall apart – now there seem to be even more cracks to fall through.

I have sent a detailed response to your email. Hopefully we can get back on track now. :slight_smile:



Glad to hear you are here with us. I pray all is well with you and yours. If not I pray things get back to normal or better very soon! Peace!


Good to see you’re online. I’ve been watching your 5 videos and hope there will be more. I ordered my Stacks yesterday but still have not received an activation code. I didn’t even get an order confirmation although I see that the credit card has been charged. Hopefully this can be taken care of soon. Cheers!

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Thanks Isaiah. I did get your reply on April 16 and responded. Just waiting to hear back again.

You might want to post the issue and answer, as I gave up on lockdown.

The problem is it’s not working with HTTPS but apparently it’s not an easy answer and depends on my server and setup etc. So the solution is still a work in progress.

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Chrisi took care of this. My error all along. I had a typo in my email address. Lesson learned. Thanks for your time.

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