Site design & maintenance on iOS?

With the recently announce iPad Pro’s I’m tempted to go all in on the iOS platform and let go of the Mac. This would work out ok for writing and image editing, but I don’t see any apps on that platform with the kind of capabilities that RW has.

I’m wondering (1) is there something inherent in the iOS environment which precludes a full featured site design app; and (2) if not, then is there any possibility of RW being ported to iOS.

Also, if the iOS web design possibility is out of the question, are there any decent tools to use an app in iOS to updated content on a website – like blog edits and adding images or videos?

The answer is although iOS seems like it can do anything a Mac can there are great restrictions in the iOS environment. Apples own high-end products like Xcode and Logic Pro X can’t run on an iOS machine.

This has been covered:

As for content being updated, there are all kinds of CMS options available. You would need to set up the RW site first, and then “content” could be changed via almost anything that has a web browser.

Would suggest you do a few searches on the Forum.

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Can you give some examples of these other apps you are referring to?

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Hi there @benb

The challenge comes from the fact that Apple does not allow “plugins” for iOS apps. This means you’d not have themes, plugins like Stacks, or even Stacks add-ons. Without those things you don’t really have any functionality for the app.

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