Can we make apps with rapidweaver?

Silly question I’m sure, but there you go.

There is nothing stopping you from use server side technology such as php to develop a web app with RapidWeaver. However, you will need to know how to develop that app on your own.

Yes you can create simple web apps with RapidWeaver. You can use almost any responsive blank theme and add special meta tags to do things like hiding the address / status bars on smart phones and tablets. RapidWeaver already has a place in the Site Setup window to configure a home screen icon; enabling users to ‘pin’ your page to their desktop.

The StackApps kit is a good solution for building simple apps with that need to have dependency on a database to store or retrieve information:
According to the website it has not been updated for a little while, but I presume it is still active and works in RW6 / Stacks 3.

You can also custom code or hire a developer to build simple apps that you can incorporate into websites. Here is an example of a simple web app I built myself a few weeks back for generating icons:
Anything like this would be perfectly feasible in RapidWeaver.

Thanks guys, that’s really handy!


I’ve used it for a few apps now - IOS only, I tend to ignore Android where ever possible.

I’d recommend a responsive theme - Joe’s Foundation rocks for this stuff - in fact, Xcode and RW sit rather well together.

Also be aware that a lot of stuff will have the theme looking for outside resources - Fontawesome, Jquery spring to mind, so if your planning to have the app work without a web connection, you will want to store them locally.

IOS web apps wont run .php pages so stick to .htm / .html - unless of course, anyone knows differently - it can cause you to think of some workarounds with things like forms that want it.

Good luck

Thank you for the input ;-).

Can you help me hiding the address/status bars on smart phones and tablets?
Rapid weaver 6


There is some information here about some meta tags you can add to a page to remove the address bar and status bar on iOS Safari:

So typically you would take something like this:

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

And enter it into the Custom Header box, of the RapidWeaver Page Inspector. Or edit your theme index.html file to include it towards the top.

Here ya go.