Converted from RapidCart Pro to Total CMS + Cartloom

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #1

I just converted my RapidCart Pro system to Total CMS + Cartloom at .

It is amazing how these two tools can work together and create an even more dynamic solution than I previously had; with the addition of being able to be managed online.

Not to mention Cartloom integrates with software services; such as ZenDesk. I look forward to taking advantage of these feature in the near future.

Three cheers for how far we have come in CMS solutions for RapidWeaver,


(Nick Cates) #2

Awesome to hear Brandon, thanks for sharing your experience with Cartloom! I do see however is using Cartloom 3, and there’s a purchase issue. Please contact us to help get this resolved, and have you start using Cartloom 4!