Cooperative file development

On local network we have two paid for RW8 apps and both users would like to develop same file and upload changes at will to Chilidog.
Whats the best way to accomplish project sharing ?
Clearly downloading Chilidog backup does not render usable RW package.

Hi @TomsWell2514,

The best way, as in the one that’s not likely to corrupt your project file, is iCloud. A few people have opened topics on the olde forum describing issues with file corruption when using something other than iCloud (including other cloud storage solutions, but also NAS/SAN solutions).

The problem, at least at the moment, seems to be in how those third party solutions handle the bundle type folders that RapidWeaver uses.

Bundles are a special way of storing data that’s pretty much macOS exclusive. It’s not seen in other OS-es at all.

So some third party cloud and network storage providers will not recognise that these bundles are to be handled as coherent files, and instead treat them like folders. This introduces the risk of the contents of the bundles being corrupted, which will prevent RapidWeaver from opening it.

The only way around this is to have people not open the files directly from the NAS/SAN or cloud storage, but download it instead. Then open the file from the Mac locally. The edited file can be copied back to the central storage after the editor is done. Sadly, a mistake is easily made, and someone can accidentally or unknowingly open a project file from the central storage, thereby corrupting it.

Thankfully you can easily share iCloud files and folders with other Macs in your office. iCloud, being an Apple product, does know how to handle bundles, so the problem is non-existing there.

Use iCloud and nothing else, as other options may corrupt RapidWeaver projects.


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1 user in the Lounge reports icloud as being a disaster…

I use DB.


Quite involved to setup, however, Git + GitHub have previously worked well for me in the past, for syncing project files over multiple computers and an ability to collaborate on them with others. With all the other benefits version control brings to the table.

Only my own thoughts on the matter, but personally I would not entrust Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud with a project file. Past attempts with sharing uncompressed RW project files in “the cloud” have only put me in the doghouse.

Version control and collaboration might be an interesting concept @dan Realmac Software wants to consider adding to RapidWeaver Elements? Apps like Zed have proven realtime collaboration is possible on Mac.


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