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Hi All…

Would appreciate some assistance as I clearly don’t understand something in the way RW works with page references…

I am converting a static site into RW, the site is and has index.html in the root. There are various other pages such as Y.html.

There is an existing folder structure which I want to keep, so existing static pages are located in a path like has a link to Y.html, and Y.html then has links to /Q/year/event/index.html, the problem I have is that although I can access in test mode (CTRL-P from within RW on the index.html page) and I can click on Y.html and have it display, clicking on the link to /Q/year/event/index.html gives an error “the requested page cannot be found”. I have tried setting the “file links” to relative, docroot and website and get no difference in outcome…the browser status bar shows a link to the page, but…I get the error.

If understand your post (little confusing x y ) but in preview (cmd-p) you would have to have all pages within the rapidweaver project. Rapidweaver will load the pages as needed from the project file. [quote=“Gremlin, post:1, topic:12258”]
Needs to be in the RW project. In your example it needs to be a subfolder of x.
That is for preview to work. Now in after publishing if the event folder is in the correct location it should work.

OK, that’s not going to work at there are approximately 70Gb of pages (photos) stored in that folder structure.

Is there another way to do this in RW…have it link to a folder structure outside RW?

How are you linking? Navigating? Links from within a page? If it is not in navigating you can link to the full URL

In the “original” static site, links are /Q/year/event/index.html so when accessed from the internet, it appears as the root but when accessed internally it just goes to the root folder.

I am trying to avoid having internal users go to the internet to view pages that are on an internal drive…

Not sure what you are saying? Are you self hosted? Are internal users just testing or is this for an intranet? How is it working now?
If you have a directory on your local drive how is it accessed from the Internet?

OK…self hosted…single source of html pages in a folder structure that is /Q/year/event/index.html

Internet access through a firewall and router that points to a server in the DMZ which can only see the /Q/year/event/index.html structure mapped to the server root as a read-only structure.

Internal users access an internal server with the /Q/year/event/index.html structure mapped to the server root as a read-write (so internal users can make updates).

The /Q folder structure has over 70Gb of pages as static pages, I am trying to use RW to make a “pretty” front end to access the existing structure.

Preview from within RW would not work for that. You could publish to a local folder the relative links would work assuming you have them in and going to the right location.
So if you put a page at
Your relative link would be something like

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That works for me!

To summarise, I can configure the site but can’t “test” via preview in RW, tested by going to the folder and clicking on the Y.html which brought up the page and then clicked on the embedded links…which worked. A bit clunky, but I now understand the workflow.

Thanks to all who contributed :slight_smile: