Partials minor issue

Loving Stacks 3 and Partials have been working well for me - until now. I have a nested partial (‘Head’) comprising three stacks: a logo stack, images stack + a Freestack R menu.

Straightforward changes like updating a logo are propagated instantly, but small changes like adding 30px padding to the top of the ‘Head’ partial are not being propagated across the site.

Is there a quick and easy way to force update such changes?

There is a subtle detail there that it (I admit) a bit confusing – but is actually an intended feature:

When you make changes INSIDE the partial those changes will be shown everywhere. But if you make changes to the OUTSIDE – then those changes are just to that instance of the partial.

so, simple rule is: INSIDE = everywhere

the reason we did this is because when creating general purpose layout partials it is often desirable to add properties (like margin) that are slightly different depending on where that partial is being used.

if that was all very complicated and makes your brain hurt – then just trust me on this one – this is a good thing. you’ll definitely come to appreciate this subtlety as you use partials more.

So if there was a STACK that was just a simple container (DIV) then the OP could drop the HEAD stack into that container (and make the whole thing the Partial), add the 10px margin to the top of the HEAD (inside the container stack) and then it would propagate everywhere that the new partial was used… right ?

that was a lot of details – i’m not 100% sure i got it – but i think i might have. :wink:

i think what you were saying is – can you make another partial to wrap the first one? the answer is yes. nested partials are fine.

and that would put the margin on the INSIDE of a partial – so it would be global. :thumbsup:

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OK, got it Isaiah - thanks for the heads up. Now explained, it makes a lot of sense and took seconds to fix. Partials are a total game changer and my own site has been totally updated with them.