Rapid cart pro image sizes

Hi - does anyone know what is the optimum size for images, thumbnail and full to be used in rapid cart?


As for any web resources involving visitors’s device and connection speed, it’s merely a matter of finding the best compromise between image quality and file size.

  • Better image quality means larger file size. Larger file size means slower page loading.
  • Larger image size means larger file size. And as above…

Here are some personal advices.

  1. Use large previews only if you need them: if you use product images just as placeholder, disable “Lightbox” effect.
  2. Use JPEG format with 60/80% quality: they have the best “image quality”/“file size” ratio.
  3. For thumbnails, use images with a width size that’s double the size you see in Catalog and Product pages: they will be rendered perfectly on Retina devices, higher sizes are worthless. For example, if your product box in Catalog page is 100 px wide, just use a 200 px thumbnail. Keep always in mind file size: you could think that one 100 KB thumbnail could be a good choice, but when you have 20 products in a Catalog page, your customers would have to download 2 MB. Not a problem with fast connections, a big problem with capped (for speed or MB) connections, especially on mobile.
  4. Use the same aspect ratio for all your thumbnails: better if squared, they look better in Catalog page.
  5. For larger previews, you can use 300+ KB images: customers know that when they click on a product image they’ll get a larger image with all the consequences. But don’t use 1 MB or 2000 px. If you need to highlight a product detail, like a embroidery on a t-shirt, just show it in a targeted image.
  6. Prefer speed over quality: smaller file size means faster page loading, you’ll get a higher customer retention rate and better ranking in search engines.
  7. Use common sense.

Roberto, I need some help with RCP. This is a follow up to this thread. Here’a page I am working on https://www.rjhoney.com/extest/ The pics haven’t been sized yet pending your input.

Tip #3: I am using Depth Theme, max 1000px. By your reckoning above if I have a 6 column layout, that’s 167px per column. My pictures should be 334px wide.

And if I understand your tip in #4, the picture should be 334px by 334px. This fits the RCP product object best.

I hope you relize that you are replying to a 3 year old post?

Rob or any of the RCP folks don’t monitor this (or any) forum on a regular basis.

Suggest you contact them at

Thanks for the reply. And yes I do. I saw the ‘warning’ before I posted. I’ve tried several times on their Disqus forum and their email but have not received a response. This has been disappointing.

Is the question generic enough for someone to jump in and answer?

You’re over thinking. Assuming you haven’t selected to display 500 products per page don’t worry too much about image size. I normally display 12-16 images per page and don’t bother with thumbnails, I make the main image typically 1200x700ish and around 150kb.

If you want to make thumbnails make them around 500px wide.

The key thing with RCP is to keep the same aspect ratio for all images in your entire range, so that when displayed in the various views they are all the same height.

Thank you Bond, James Bond. I’m merely a noob. It is easy to make a web site. No so much to do it correctly. The aspect ratio seems to the problem I’ve been wrestling with.

As said in my comment from 2016 (time flies…) use the same aspect ratio for all your product images, better if square.
A 300x300px size should be perfect.

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